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Another Coolpacer 1978 AMC Pacer post...

  • Nov 12, 2013

My car used to be pretty ugly. It's been a three year restoration process, here's how it started... Yea, the engine was a mess, pretty nasty huh? We took it out pretty fast! After the engine was out, and the interior stripped, we put the car on a rotisserie. This way, we could spin the car all the way around, which made it easier to clean and strip the paint Once the car was stripped of the paint, look at the surprise, RUST!!! So, we sectioned the car, using the rear clip from a car in Arizona. Now, we put it back together, rust free! Painting was also a process, but I don't want to bore you with those pictures, you know painting, tons of body straightening, spraying and block sanding, it's even more work when you're painting the car Black! We Finally go the car home, and put the American Racing 200s rims and the Kuhmo tires on it, it was a long three years. But there still was lots of work to do. Being stupid, we forgot to take pictures from this point on, we were just so excited to get the car together and running, pictures were the last thing on our mind. Page 1: Overview Page 2: Interior Page 3: 401 Build Page 4: You're Here! Page 5: Shows and various pics

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    Very Cool I like that it is different. Sweet Ride ;)