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Another Flaco_Turbo 1986 Mitsubishi Starion post...

  • Nov 12, 2013

�The Mitsubishi Astron engine or Mitsubishi 4G5 engine, is a series of straight-4 internal combustion engines first built by Mitsubishi Motors in 1972. Engine displacement ranged from 1.8 to 2.6 litres, making it one of the largest four cylinder engines of its time. It employed a hemispherical cylinder head, chain-driven single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and eight valves (two per cylinder). United States passenger car versions had a small secondary intake valve referred to as the "Jet Valve". This valve induced swirl in the intake charge, enabling the use of leaner fuel/air mixtures for lower emissions. It was designed as a cartridge containing the valve spring and seat which simply screwed into a threaded hole in the head, similar to a spark plug but inside the cam cover. The rocker arms for the intake valve were widened on the valve end to accommodate the cartridge, which was equipped with a very soft valve spring in order to avoid wear on the camshaft intake lobe. Modifications to the head were thereby reduced as the Jet Valve negated the necessity for a three valve per cylinder design. In 1975, the Astron 80 introduced a system dubbed "Silent Shaft"; the first use of twin balance shafts in a modern engine. It followed the designs of Frederick Lanchester, whose original patents Mitsubishi had obtained, and proved influential as later engines from Fiat/Lancia, Saab and Porsche all licenced this technology.[1] The 4D5 engine was a range of four cylinder diesel engines which were part of the "Astron" family, and introduced in 1980 in the then new fifth generation Galant. The first turbodiesel to be offered in a Japanese passenger car, it later proved popular in the emerging SUV and minivan markets where Mitsubishi was highly successful, until superseded by the 4M4 range in 1993. However, production of the 4D5 continued throughout the 1990s as a lower-cost option than the more modern powerplants. -------------------------------------- 4G52 The 4G52 displaces 2.0 L (1995 cc). Applications: 1979-1989 Dodge Ram 50 1973-1987 Mitsubishi Sigma 1986-present Mitsubishi L300 -------------------------------------- 4G54 The SOHC 8-valve 4G54 (also known as the G54B) displaces 2.6 L (2555 cc), Bore x stroke is 91.1 mm x 98.0 mm. Some had heads with additional jet valves to improve emissions. It was designed for longitudinal use in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It was equipped with a Hitachi 2-barrel carburetor with a vacuum-operated progressive secondary, except for the turbocharged version and a version used in Australian Mitsubishi Magnas, which used fuel injection. This engine was also used on Chrysler's front-wheel drive K-cars and their derivatives from 1981 until 1987, when it was replaced by Chrysler's 2.5 L engine. This engine was commonly paired with Chrysler's A470 3-speed automatic transmission on Chrysler vehicles. Specifications: ECI-Multi Multi-Point Fuel Injection 98 kw at 4750 rpm (91 RON) 102 kw at 4750 rpm (95 RON) 212 nm at 3750 rpm (91 RON) 220 nm at 4000 rpm (95 RON) Compression ratio: 9.2:1 Carburetor Single two-Venturi downdraught carburetor 85 kw at 5000 rpm (91 RON) 198 nm at 3000 rpm (91 RON) Compression ratio: 8.8:1 Applications: 1978-1980 Plymouth Fire Arrow 1978-1983 Dodge Challenger/Mitsubishi Sapporo/Plymouth Sapporo 1978-1987 Mitsubishi Sigma 1979-1989 Dodge Ram 50 1981-1985 Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant 1982-1985 Chrysler LeBaron 1982-1985 Chrysler Town and Country 1987-1991 Isuzu Pick Up TF (Japanese Built) 1982-1991 Mitsubishi Pajero 1982-1983 Dodge 400 1983-1984 Chrysler E-Class 1983-1985 Chrysler New Yorker/Dodge 600 1984-1987 Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager 1982-1990 Mitsubishi Starion (turbocharger and fuel injection) 1984-1986 Dodge Conquest/Plymouth Conquest 1985 Plymouth Caravelle 1985-1996 Mitsubishi Magna (early carbureted, later EFI) 1986-1988 Mazda B2600 (with a Mazda 12-valve head) 1984-1989 Chrysler Conquest -------------------------------------- 4G55 The 4G55 displaces 2.3 L (2346 cc). -------------------------------------- 4D55 Displacement - 2346 cc Bore - 91.1mm Stroke - unknown Fuel type - Diesel Turbo Power - 62 kW (84 PS) at 4000 rpm Torque - 175 N�m (129 ft�lbf) at 2000 rpm Engine type - Inline 4 cylinder SOHC Fuel system - unknown Compression ratio - 21:1 (384 P.S.I.) -------------------------------------- 4D56 Displacement - 2476 cc Bore - 91.1 mm Stroke - 95.0 mm Fuel type - Diesel Non-Turbo Power - 51 kW (70 PS) at 4200 rpm Torque - 143 N�m (105 ft�lbf) at 2500 rpm Engine type - Inline 4 cylinder SOHC Fuel system - Distribution type jet pump Compression ratio - 21:1 Turbo Power - 63 kW (85 PS) at 4000 rpm Torque - 196 N�m (145 ft�lbf) at 2000 rpm Engine type - Inline 4 cylinder SOHC Fuel system - Distribution type jet pump Compression ratio - 21:1 Intercooled turbo Power - 77 kW (105 PS) at 4000 rpm Torque - 240 N�m (177 ft�lbf) at 2000 rpm Engine type - Inline 4 cylinder SOHC Fuel system - Distributor type injection pump Compression ratio - 21:1

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