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Rory Angold, Executive Vice President, Talks Choosing Your Next Vehicle: Three Reasons to Buy New

Whether you are buying your first car or you are looking to replace an old one, buying a vehicle is a big commitment. Often, this is something that you will be driving for several years. You might be wondering if you should buy a new vehicle or a used one. While neither option is perfect for every person, Rory Angold, Executive Vice President at United Car Care, shares three reasons that you should consider a new vehicle.

No Previous Owners

This might seem like a small thing, but knowing that you are the first owner allows you to know the vehicle's entire driving history. You don't have to worry that the previous owner skipped routine maintenance or that you're going to have to deal with major repairs in a month or two. You are the first owner, and therefore, you will know your vehicle's history.

Choose What You Want

With a used vehicle, you are limited to what people are selling. When you choose to buy new, you can look for the type of vehicle that you really want. After all, purchasing a new car is an expression of your style. Driving the latest and greatest version of a car is…well, nice. New cars also include the most up to date features, including recent advances in technology that you likely won't find in a used car. In some cases, you may have to wait a little longer if your local dealership does not have your dream car on hand at their lot, but getting what you want may be worth the wait.


Cars that are only a few years old are often still covered by their warranty, but buying a brand-new vehicle allows you to enjoy your entire factory warranty, which is universally better. So, warranties are a definite incentive to buy new. It means that you don't have to worry about faulty parts or other issues as your warranty likely covers it.

Of course, a new vehicle isn't the right purchase for every car buyer, but it is an excellent option for many people. If you find the above reasons appealing, it might be time to consider buying a new vehicle.

About Rory Angold

Rory Angold has spent the past 20 years assuming leadership and executive positions within various companies. In his last position, Mr. Angold worked with Zurich North America, managing and, more importantly, developing field teams in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. His goal was to connect with automotive dealers and industry partners to help them increase their wealth while managing risks and protecting their assets. Rory Angold is currently serving as Executive Vice President at United Car Care, a company that offers vehicle service contracts that provide reliable protection at an affordable cost.