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7 Best Affordable Cars for Students

I have asked one hundred students who don’t dispose of a car yet to rate their need for flexibility during college time from a scale of 1 to 100. After counting and analyzing the answers, the arithmetic average of the data was 88.

As a college student, one of your simplest choices to obtain true flexibility is to start considering one of the many affordable cars that are waiting for your purchasing decision. Surely, purchasing cheap cars is the obvious answer, yet even that is not always accessible for students who can’t count on their parents’ money.

How to Properly Save Money for a Car as a Student

> Stop eating out, cook your own food.

> Avoid impulsive shopping.

> Choose social activities that don’t cost money.

> Aim for a scholarship.

> Get a part-time job. If you get a tiring job, ensure that you’re not sacrificing your academic performance by considering paper writing services from Edubirdie, which will always come to rescue if you’re having trouble with tasks, assignments, or term papers.

> Make saving money a true priority and commit no matter what. Learn to sacrifice.

> Consider producing more money by tackling various opportunities such as dog walking, blogging, or anything that suits your skills.

> If you tend to travel, make sure you choose cheaper countries that are accessible and won’t break your budget.

Saving money is the first part while choosing a car that suits your needs and budget is the second. Both are equally important, yet the latter demands a greater deal of vigilance and responsibility.

Following next, we’ll have a look at 7 best cars for students who are on a tight budget. This is a crucially important decision -make sure you don’t rush it!

1. Jeep Wrangler

If you’re looking to stay “classic”, Jeep Wrangler is an extremely wise choice. You can’t go wrong with it, as this car will not let you down regardless of the road you pick. These amazing jeeps start at $4,000 if you buy it second-hand, and will get you a lot of attention among colleagues. As they say, “oldie but goldie”.

2 .Honda Civic

If you’re looking for an all-in-one car, Honda Civic is a no-brainer choice. Coming at a very affordable price, this Honda model checks all the basic student needs: reliability, fuel-efficient, and really affordable. This is a compact car that can offer you a lot of safety in case of unfortunate accidents, so your parents might just love decision and help you purchase it. Lastly, this is a very durable car.

3. Chevrolet Aveo

Choosing an economic car is a wise and long-term decision. Since your academic studies already take much of your time, focus, and money, Chevrolet Aveo is a great choice because of its 36000 limited mile coverage warranty. This car will take you from a destination to another without making you stop every fifty kilometers for gas. It’s also a comfortable and reliable car that doesn’t have “too many pretentions”. 

4. Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is one of those cheap new cars that you don’t see on every corner of the street. If you’re a student who wants to stand out and make a non-typical choice, you can purchase this car at an average of $3,000 second-hand. The best advantage that comes with this car is the flexibility and practicability. A small car such as Suzuki Swift is a great choice for every student who is not such a good friend with parking!

5. Ford Ka

Ford Ka is another small car that is an excellent choice for students who do not dispose of a significant budget. If you’re looking for a really cheap car that can be bought for pennies, the older Ford Ka versions can be purchased for less than $500. Any Ford Ka model is extremely practical because of its super small size, and are often preferred by women rather than men. The 1,2-petrol engine will allow you to drive a lot of miles without worrying about fuel.

6. Volkswagen Beetle

Looking for an old-school car that fits your tight budget? Volkswagen Beetle can be purchased for less than $2000 (the old edition) while the newer ones go for approximatively $6000. Everyone knows that Volkswagen is one of the most reliable and complete car brands out there. If you have to replace any pieces, most of Volkswagen’s replacement pieces are really affordable and easy to obtain. Great aspect, great inside and outside look, great choice!

7. Renault Clio

Renault Clio is one of the most popular choices among students across the entire world. You can see a Clio model on almost every campus, and there’s no wonder why. This car’s 2002 edition goes for less than $1000. It is safe, really comfortable inside, and its 1,2-petrol engine will save you a lot of money along the way.


Choosing an affordable car is not rocket science, though it’s not the easiest thing either. My best advice would be to decide on your own, without allowing your friends or relatives to influence your choice. Use both your reason and intuition and buy the car that “feels right” for you. Take a close look at the cars I’ve listed today. If none of them meet your choice criteria, make sure you keep looking!