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4 Simple Ways To Pimp Your Ride

  • Jan 01, 2019
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Pimp My Ride is no longer just a show that was aired for years on MTV, but a way people choose to upgrade parts in their car without having to buy a whole other one! Upgrading your car and adding features to suit your taste is no longer a hard job. It just needs time and energy from you to change different things in a suitable period of time! Customizing your car can range from adding interior neon lights all over to just adding creative gadgets powered by the cigarette lighter. People now want to create a lot of little adjustments in their car to do this personality reflection of themselves on their cars; more like a reflection of their identity in their vehicle.


Before playing too much in your car, make sure it can actually live for a while so it can be worth all these changes. You need to guarantee that you won’t be forced to replace it in a few years, especially if you want to upgrade an old car. Make sure you go over the list of tips to make your car last longer and start with your upgrade then! There are very simple ways to customize your car without spending a fortune. Here are 4 simple ways to pimp your ride.

How Creative Can You Get With Lights?

Here’s your answer: SUPER CREATIVE! Lights can be used to design the interior of your car, your headlights or to add cool car-door lights. Here are a 3 different ways you can get creative with lights in your car.

Interior Neon Lights

In general terms, neon lights are usually added to add this extravagance vibe. So why don’t you add that same vibe in your car too? You can choose the tone of the neon light to either be a calming one that gives a romantic vibe, an exotic look that varies from pink colors to the green ones or have a more party tone that usually consists of blue lighting. LED lights come in the form of thick chords to ensure a longer lifetime. It’s installation doesn’t need any extreme knowledge of car technicalities, you just need to make sure your car battery is disconnected before installing your lights.

Xenon Headlights

Fierce-looking headlights are one of the things that makes a car look pimped up. We’ve mentioned before how a car now usually reflects the personality of the owner. Well, headlights are considered the eye of the owner too! Xenon lights give extreme brightness through this blue tint or ice white shade. They last much longer and help you see much further as well. So you won’t be just upgrading the looks of the car, you’d be helping yourself too!

Car-Door Lights

The great thing about car door lights is that it keeps your car looking good even when the engine is turned off. They automatically light up when you open the door and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors, even logos! But besides looking good, car door lights are actually important if you usually drive at night. They make your open door visible to other cars and motorists at night so any sort of danger can be minimized with these cool upgrades. They can also help you see in the rainy days if you might be stepping into mud.

2. How Loud Can The Sound Get?

A simple bombing bass box in your boot would do the job just fine! With the usual factory sound system that comes in most of the vehicles, volumes sound very bad when they reach a certain level so we’re forced to lower the volume even though we may want it higher. You can also install a quality tweeter to have better quality sound and clarity, or just upgrade the whole sound system. Maybe even add a touch of color to your new speakers, so you won’t only have good quality music blasted from your car, you’d have it look great too! Install an amplifier if you’re looking for the best performance from your sound system.

3. Want Price-y Changes? Wheels & Rims!  

Rims and wheels are one of first aspects people notice in a car. If they’re unique, they’ll be catchy to look at! Many people say that the first thing that should be changed when a driver wants to pimp up their vehicle is the wheels or rims. The rims in specific, can upgrade a really basic car or degrade a great car. This is why the well-being of your wheel is just as important as the motor. Sport rims also help make the car slightly faster so you would have a boost in both, the looks and the driving! You can change the color of the rims as well to match your car color or have different colors added. The problem with upgrading the wheels and rims is the price. They can start at $50 per wheel, which is expensive compared to the other cheaper upgrades. Changing the car’s wheels also affects other aspects of the car so these aspects have to be readjusted as well, which adds to the cost.

4. The Diversity of Car Accessories

There are even simpler ways to pimp your car than changing your sound system or paying a fortune in wheels. You can be a simple driver and just add accessories that can be connected to the car cigarette lighter. Here are some ideas from things you can buy that will help you big time!


Car Cushion with Massage and Heat - A heater and massager to destress in driving situations!

Portable Pizza Oven - Yes, that’s actually something! You can connect it to your car cigarette lighter and have a pizza oven in your car that really works when you’re on the go.

PowerCup DC to AC Power Inverter - car chargers have been in the market for a while, but power inverters are the new thing! You won’t have to buy a car charger for each device, this powercup helps you power everything you need.

It’s Time to Pimp Your Ride!

Upgrading some parts in your car can get expensive, so make sure your car has the suitable lifespan to hold such an upgrade. You can always seek used parts to upgrade as well instead of spending a fortune. We’ve provided you with solutions that can be as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $300 like wheel and rim changes. What we recommend is for you to study your budget and priorities first to know what you’d want to upgrade the most then know exactly how much you can change in your car. Go simple to upgrade more.