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The Essential Van Driving Tips for a Beginner

No matter if you have borrowed it just for a day or if it is an integral part of your job, driving vans could be extremely intimidating, especially for the beginners. Many individuals have admitted that in spite of being a skilled car driver, they felt like learners once over when ‘behind the wheel’ of vans. Although a stressful experience, according to veteran motorists, a little practice and adherence to some necessary tips would allow one to feel at ease driving a van.

Before the Journey

Are you hiring a van or purchasing your own? Well, in both the cases, make sure to see if the vehicle is insured, prior to using it. While many tend to neglect, it is extremely significant to procure the right policy. For buying, it is better to opt for discount van sales, where such vehicles are readily available at affordable rates.

Even before putting the keys in ignition, check if the cabin is prepared, in accordance with your requirements and expectations. The driver’s seat needs to be in a proper position and see if you are able to reach the pedals without any difficulty.

Ensure that the mirrors provide a clear view and are positioned at right angles. If you are a novice, do talk with someone experienced and procure relevant information on the ways to correctly use a dashboard, headlights, and indicators.

Also see if the gearbox has an additional 6th gear as it saves fuel when the vehicle is drove at high speeds.

Once you are satisfied about the vehicle and the position of its parts, it is time to get down on the road and practice a bit. Beginners are recommended not to get on the main streets straight away. Instead they can drive in a large park for attaining confidence and getting a grasp over everything.

When On Road

While the fundamentals might be the same, driving a van is absolutely different from driving cars. Most of the contemporary vans have power steering, which allow individuals to make adjustments easily but it might be a bit difficult to control a van on a road with traffic due to its massive size. Vans also need time to stop so you must be extra cautious with the brakes. It is only through utmost precautions that you would be able to turn and corner a van smoothly.

Not only driving, you would only be considered as professional, when you can also park vans effortlessly. Weight, size, and lack of visibility might make this task a bit challenging for the novices. When in a parking lot, make sure that the surrounding area is clear. Keep checking the mirrors and measure the space accurately so that you do not nudge with another vehicle or a bollard.

Remember that in order to be comfortable, you have to drive the van frequently. Vans stand viable when it comes to transporting heavy loads or picking bulky furniture. If you do aspire for a smooth journey, make sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind and be relaxed.