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Look At The History Behind The 22RE Engine By Toyota

  • Aug 21, 2017
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Toyota is an automotive brand that puts out the best and is known for doing so. Year after year, the Camry and other vehicles Toyota makes rank up there bear the top in terms of safety, dependability and performance in relation to class and price point. The Camry is essentially known these days as the family sedan and also as a great starter vehicle. Toyota has made many engines throughout the years for their vehicles, and the 22RE is certainly one of them. If you think that is a random number, think again, as they started at one.

So when was the 22RE engine introduced by Toyota? The fuel injected 22RE debited in 1982, so it has been quite awhile. Are you familiar with what number they are on now? Did they even go in order? I can tell you that this particular engine was certainly one of the most popular and most used. Naturally, it went through changes over the years. It went through some specific changes in 1985, and then again later as a turbo charged version. Did you know that some form of the 22RE was used all the way to 1997?

If you don't know much about the inner components of vehicles, Toyota in this case, it can be difficult to follow all the details. Some parts are changed, mixed and matched and all kinds of other things. My cousin works at a Toyota plant, so I bet he probably knows quite a bit about the 22RE engines. He wasn't working for Toyota in the 80s and 90s, but you would still think he knows. That also makes me wonder about how things have changed since then.

What is new when it comes to the Toyota engines of 2017? How many different versions are out there? How do the current Toyota engines stack up against the competition? How did they stack up back then, and what types of similarities do they have with engines from other automakers? When comparing the 22RE with engines from other auto brands, I would assume you would be rather impressed.

Remember, Toyota does know what they are doing, as they always seem to find a place above much of the competition. If you are an automobile lover and know quite a bit about the mechanics of cars, you might fully agree or you might disagree. Each automaker takes a different approach, and people that know quite a lot about automobiles tend to pick their favorites based on what they know and prefer.

Just think about the whole Ford and Chevy rivalry. So what do you think about the engines that Toyota puts out? When looking at the company's history, it is safe to say that the 22RE has plenty of significance. It would be a good example as to the caliber of products that the company has put out over the years. When I think of Toyota in the late 80s and early 90s, I think of the Tercel. Okay so that's probably not the best example of a favorite vehicle, so what do you know about those years?