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Citroen Relay Transformed into Retro Citroen H Van

To all street foodstuff sellers all over the globe: Citroen H Van is back again! If you own a Citroen Relay, you can now get a body kit that resembles the 1940s Citroën Type H van which goes on sale from 15th May. The monumental Van can now boast of wheels that will be envied by many street food sellers around the UK

The Designers

Seven decades from the inauguration of the Citroen Type H, two motor vehicle designers have transformed the van. As an honour to Italian vehicle designer Flaminio Bertoni (who unveiled Citroën HY 70 years ago), Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer have recreated a modern version of one of his popular models. The new model is designed as a full car kit will be solely sold across Italy on its 70th anniversary.

Davido and Fabrizio have designed the body kit for the Citroen Relay made of fibreglass making it a futuristic replica. According to Davido, the two did not plan to duplicate the exact design of the original but to bring back the soul of the iconic vehicle. This is why they brought it back in an evocative fibreglass suit. This body design brings out a deeply rooted, modern-day design.

Body Kit Design

It is easy to see the typical characteristics of the Type H in the kit. The side panels and corrugated doors were brought back, in conjunction with the extended, portrait face frame and bug-eye designed front lights. You can use the kit in other body types; minibuses and box vans have been envisaged with the H-van body kit.

The duo intends to mould their company to start fitting vans with the body kits from next year. From 2019, the kit will be accessible as a separate product on sale. Well-suited vans for alteration are the Fiat Ducato from 2006 onwards, Citroën Relay, the 2013 Ram Promaster, and Peugeot Boxer.

Order the Citroen H Van

Vans that have the kits installed will be on sale via Caselani Automobili, a company owned by one of the designers. People who are interested in securing one of the vans are required to deposit €3000 five days after sending their request. After two months, designs are sent back to the buyer based on his/her initial application. The customer is then given two weeks to pay the remaining amount (40%) to secure a van, which will be delivered in a week.

Citroen Relay has been transformed into retro Citroen H Van. The new models will be available in panel vans and minibuses of both left and right-hand drive. The next style planned for release by the duo is a more jagged 4x4 design in September. A tow truck, food truck, and camper will all be unveiled in December.

This is not Davido's first masterpiece; his work ranges from accolade models to various renowned classics in the history of vehicles. Such works include the Renault 4, Volkswagen T1, Fiat 500, and Fiat 600. However, the Type H model is the only one to be in production.

Fortunately, the Relay foundations mean that the modern edition is very reliable. It's beyond doubt more powerful, having up to 158 brake horsepower and a maximum speed of 102 miles per hour. Just like any other modern diesel engine, it is far much economical than the previous version. The modern H Van consumes as little as 13.7 miles per gallon, while it previously consumed up to 47 miles per gallon.

For more information, visit: Citroen Van Sales.