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Tips To Find Affordable Factory Service and Repair Manual

For automotive repair service, it is often mentioned to consult manufacturer’s service manual. The procedures of removing and replacing air or oil filters are simple and same for majority of vehicles all around the world. When you have to handle more obscure job like finessing fuel injection system of an unused Alfa Romeo Montreal, a 1973 model, a repair or service manual is extremely handy.

Specific instructions related to things like wheels and brakes are good, so finding auto service manuals allow car owners to win half the battle. However, finding a repair or service manual is similar to looking for a car mechanic. There are different kinds of service manuals and more than a single place to look.

Tips to find ideal automobile repair manual

Factory service manuals

These are most expensive option and are used at dealership to assist in fixing faulty electronics or connecting rods. Another kind of factory service manual designed by Haynes & Chilton’s delivers the repair books with cameras on how to dismantle and reassemble automobile. These are generally intended for infrequent repairs.


Another expensive alternative is to visit the dealership’s parts counter. If your car has witnessed many autumns then replacing your old and greasy old factory service manual can be a painful financial experience.

Local book stores

Book store specializing in motorized interest is the best place to find new or used service manual to replace the old Fiat 500 Abarth or SIMCA, currently got rain soaked in the backyard. Online bookstores can also be the best source for interested truck or car owners to get their hand on repair manuals.

Avoid automotive swap

Factory issued service manual bought at the garage sales or flea market can receive interest in probable car purchase. A harmless service guidebook can result in spending thousands for finding and repairing obscure car project, therefore avoid automotive swaps.

Message boards, clubs and forums

The best way to collect information about specific car make and model is to join an existing community. If you own some worthy model then having your own message board increases the chances to acquire scanned pages of service manual or digital version from other members or host. Message board loyal to specific car mechanism allows you to get highlights of how to fix a specific mechanical issue from someone, who has experienced the same problem. You can even pick used manuals from forum classified.


Online is the best platform that includes sources like blogs and articles, which provide a lot of car care information.

Car fixing and maintenance topics found online include –

* Auto body repairs

* Bleeding brakes

* Automatic transmission replacement

* Fixing car audio system

* Changing oil

* Troubleshoot car stalling

* Troubleshoot car start issues

* How to upgrade exhaust system

* How to replace ignition system

And much more related topics

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