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There are so many movies out there where the cars are the stars. Movies in which these unforgettable vehicles almost take centre stage in amongst the action and can often be considered to be characters in their own right.

Just think of the impressively fun car chase through the streets of Turin, where a trio of classic Mini Coopers dance through the city being pursued by the police, as fondly remembered from the 60’s British caper classic ‘The Italian Job’.

Or consider the horde of incredible 4-wheeled beasts featured in the entire series of the action-escalating ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. I mean even a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle was the star of the show in ‘The Love Bug’ and the subsequent ‘Herbie’-based sequels we’ve come to know and love.

The right car can truly make a significant on-screen difference and help reflect the character of whoever may be driving it. But when a car becomes just as iconic as the famous character behind the wheel then you know you’re onto a winner. The Aston Martin DB5 has become synonymous with the name of 007, AKA James Bond.

This famous fictional British secret agent was first spotted zooming around in the DB5 way back in 1964 in the movie ‘Goldfinger’ when Bond was portrayed by Sean Connery.

Since then Bond has tried out a number of various subpar vehicles and it wasn’t until 2006 when the grand GT sports car, the Aston Martin DBS V12, made its first appearance in semi-Bond reboot ‘Casino Royale’, and he didn’t pick it up from winning on the slots, like Thunderstruck 2, or even at the roulette table. Bond actually manages to win this superb car in a poker game.

It’s a car that is packed out with a 5935 cc V12 engine, which helps it hit a maximum speed of 191 miles per hour, boasting the ability to go from zero to 62mph in just 4.3 seconds.

It handles like a dream and looks fantastic doing so and even though the car in question was short lived in ‘Casino Royale’, after it was destroyed quite spectacularly during one of the movies’ most exciting action sequences, it still returned in further Bond sequels.

The car in question in that particular scene interestingly enough was actually an Aston Martin DB9 that had been specially modified for a stunt that saw the vehicle roll on impact. It rolled over 7 times in total which at the time set a new world record.

The DB5 is arguably Aston Martin’s best GT creation. It looks better, it feels better and more importantly it handles better than most of its peers. It’s fair to say it’s a car that oozes style and quality and whilst all these bells and whistles are pretty impressive there is still room for improvement in certain areas.

However, when you’re cruising along in the comfort of the DB5’s immersive interior all those minor pesky niggles soon melt away.