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What You Should Do When You Get Involved In A Truck Accident

A truck accident is a major problem for any driver, especially since not everyone knows what to do when it happens. If you get involved in a truck accident, there are some steps to follow so that the problem will not worsen for you or for the other driver.

Below are the necessary steps to follow in case your car gets hit by a truck, or if your truck collides with another vehicle. Remember, you can always contact truck accident lawyer Joe Stephens or any other specialists of your choice should you need further assistance.

Step 1: Make Sure Everyone in Your Vehicle is Alright

This is pretty standard for any accident involving multiple motor vehicles. If you are the driver and there are passengers in your vehicle who might have been hurt during the collision, it is always mandatory to bring any injured person to the hospital ER for medical treatment. This applies to the driver and passengers if any, of the other vehicle too.

Step 2: Call for a Traffic Enforcer or a Policeman

If the collision happened in a remote location, far from urban places, you may have to call for a policeman and wait for them to arrive at the scene of the collision. Make sure you don’t move the involved vehicles because the police will have to conduct their investigation so that they can make a police report about it. Otherwise, if the collision happened in a populated area you can look for a traffic enforcer who will help you.

Step 3: Call Your Employer if You Were Driving a Company Truck

This applies to drivers who drive company trucks, but may also apply to anyone who accidentally hits a company truck. Call right away, especially if the collision happened at night so that a company representative will be notified and advise you on what to do. Make sure to stay with the truck or vehicle you were driving, unless you were brought to the ER due to injuries sustained in the collision. Do not leave even when the police arrive until you have given your statement to the police and your vehicle will be towed away, or until the company representative arrives at the scene.

Step 4: Always Take Photographs of the Vehicles Involved in the Collision

It is usually the Standard Operating Procedure to take photos of the point of collision. If the vehicles involved are kept at the scene for the police to investigate, this is your opportunity to use your smartphone to take pictures. Make sure to take a picture of the other driver as well, including shots of his ID (such as his license and company ID). These photos will also help the police to understand who is at fault in the truck accident. The photos may be valuable to the concerned insurance companies that cover both vehicles.

Step 5: Exchange Insurance Information With Other Driver

It is always necessary to give your insurance information to the other driver. Don’t forget to get the other driver’s insurance information as well - you might want to take a picture of the insurance document the other driver will present to you. This will be used along with pictures of the two vehicles by the insurance companies when your company files a claim.

If the other driver seems unstable to you (meaning his behavior seems to indicate being under the influence of drugs or liquor), wait for the police to arrive before confronting the other driver. Safety first.

Step 6: Set Out Warning Devices Until Both Vehicles Are Ready to be Towed Away

It is important to warn other drivers passing by that the area is the scene of a collision. So be sure to set out warning devices around the collision site until the police arrive. Ask the other driver to set out his own warning devices around his vehicle as well.


A truck accident is always a serious incident and you should know what to do in case you get involved in one. Unless the collision was severely traumatizing and physically damaging to you, you should use your presence of mind to comply with the steps outlined here. If you and your passengers were injured, seek medical assistance right away.

Try to get a law enforcer (such as a traffic enforcer or a policeman) to take over the investigation, especially if the other driver seems drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs. Always practice safety precautions at any point of a truck accident so that there will be no further problems to deal with.