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Benefits of online car insurance renewal

From getting a passport, shopping personalized clothing, booking tickets, to buying and renting a home, online is our go-to option.

Everything one can imagine under the sky is sold and bought via online. Almost Everything.

And, insurance is no different when it comes to buying online.

The old days of handling numerous papers, forgetting renewal dates, paying higher premiums and misspelling is now a part of history.

What’s more?

Read on to know the benefits of online car insurance renewal

Choose the right policy from the right brand

Online car insurance renewal offers a chance to view different plans provided by different insurers. This way, you understand the different brands available in the market. You have an option to buy plans matching your needs, budget, and core values.

Online services help you to get in touch with the company immediately. Moreover, reaching out to them is simple, through the toll-free number, and email.

Save money

When you renew your car insurance online, the premiums are lower.

Traditional services included the distribution network, paperwork, and commissions, which directly increases the premiums.

However, online car insurance renewal does not have many operational costs, which is directly given to the customers as lower premiums.

Moreover, you can also avail additional discounts, as some insurer may offer discounts when one purchase online, NCB, installing the anti-theft device, etc. all this will help you to save money. 

Claim settlement ratio

You can directly check the claim settlement ratio of each insurer online.

Before buying a car insurance policy online, you can check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company from whom you wish to purchase.

Claim settlement ratio helps to decide how good their post service is, especially, when it matters, at the time of claims. The higher the claim ratio, the better.

Secure payment, and reminder for renewal

You pay the premiums via a debit card, a credit card or through net banking. The payment gateways are the secured, and you can track the records if required.  This reduces chances of fraudulent transactions.

Another benefit is a timely reminder for renewal. Car insurance is a way one ensures financial protection against the loss or damages. Insurers and online web-aggregators support their customers with timely reminders for renewal.  This way your policy stays in force and you remain financially protected.

Convenience of comparing and buying

Before renewal car insurance online, you can and must compare different plans.

You can compare IDV offered, Premiums to be paid, and different Add-on covers offered. Add-on covers are paid features. Add-on covers save money at the time of claim. 

You can compare these different add-on covers.

Moreover, you can check reviews online from different consumers. And then finally, make a decision.

When compared to the traditional offline approach, online comparing of different plans is nothing less than a cakewalk. You don’t have to go anywhere. Everything is available at the tip of your fingers. 

You can buy the policy with ease. After comparing, select the right policy, pay policy.

 Instant policy and hassle-free claim registration.

You receive policy instantly. What more can you expect? Car insurance policy right in your inbox within minutes. It’s that instant.

Unlike, traditional approach, where it takes time to receive the car insurance policy. Online you are welcomed with instant service.

That’s not all.

At the time of claim, claim registration, and settlement is much faster and easier. All you have to do is intimate via a toll-free number, or send an email with your policy number. From there onwards, the claim process team takes care and help you step-by-step, which ensures that your claim gets settled.

If you are planning to renew your car insurance policy, online renewal gets you the right policy at the lowest price, and you receive policy instantly. Online car insurance renewal is the easiest, cheapest, and better option for your car.