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What to Consider When Hiring Trucking Company

When shipping your goods either cross border or just within the country, you need a reliable trucking company. This is because some companies with unverified reputations and experience can cause you a great deal of loss. The first step is to compare the different trucking services offered within the area of your operation before zeroing in on the best Canadian trucking companies for further consideration.

While it is not easy to either hire or dismiss a company at face value, there are factors that makes it possible for you to go below the surface to find out the real suitability of these companies for your trucking project.

The Company Reputation

This is the first consideration you need to make. From the information, you have collected for comparison, go back to see whether there are any positive or negative reviews on the company. Enhance your opinion by seeking the comments of other consignors who have used that trucking company at one point or the other. Even though this is laborious, it helps you whittle down a lengthy list of organizations to just a few alternatives.

Manpower and Equipment

Any trucking company must have adequate equipment and staffs on the ground to help in the loading and delivery of your shipment. Companies which have inadequate manpower or insufficient equipment may force you to pay extra so as to get your cargo moving.

Freight loading is especially a costly venture and can cost you quite an amount if the trucking company doesn’t take care of it. There are two main loading options companies provide: loose and palletized. The palletized option is quick and secure to load, but requires the use of a fork truck to move the load.

For the case of loose freight, you need a lot of manpower because the process is largely manual. Ensure the company you hire meets your loading needs.

The Load Size

When choosing a transportation company, it is extremely important to understand what they can accommodate in terms of loads size. There are those who go for full size loads while others only allow for partial loads. That said, some trucking companies are flexible and can accommodate both depending on your needs.


The whole essence of entrusting your shipment to a trucking company is that the company will deliver it safe and on time. However, we all know that things may happen midway and your delivery is delayed with no fault on your part. Though such occurrences may not be common, it is important to provide for them and ask your trucking company on what remedial actions are available once something like that happens. You should also find out their standard of procedure particularly what happens between you signing the order forms and when your parcel is dropped at your intended destination.

The Coverage

This is another critical consideration you have to make. Generally, the trucking company should have a wide coverage in the area where your cargo is being transported from and to. For instance, if it is from the eastern part of Canada to the western part, the trucking company must be having that wide coverage or at least explain to you how the consignment will be moved.

Lastly, find out about their rates, any volume discounts offered, and package protection just in case of loss during the process.