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Another ccgriffith 1991 Dodge Dakota Regular Cab & Chassis post...

  • Nov 14, 2013

(Left is Air Cleaner on Edelbrock 1406; Right is Air Cleaner on Stock TBI Unit w/ Adapter Plate)Updates:2/24/2010 - Since I've had to purposely keep my mind really occupied today, I wrote up a How-To page for the 1991 LA 318 - 4bbl Intake Manifold Swap, and Stock TBI Unit to 4bbl Intake2/23/2010 - Swapped back in the Stock TBI Unit, while keeping the Edelbrock 4bbl Performer Intake Manifold.  Used a Mr Gasket MRG-1933 2bbl to 4bbl Adapter Plate - had to drill two holes to mount TBI Unit to Adapter Plate (below is some better detail).  Happy to have my 13 MPGs again, and the TBI Unit runs about as strong as the Edelbrock 1406 (without the extra kick from the secondaries, but at least it downshifts at WOT correctly, again, so its kinda close).  Removed the fabricated CAI because I wasn't sure if it'd fit, and I wasn't in the mood to find out, so I reinstalled the Round Air Cleaner, and its a TIGHT fit.  Right now the FRP is just sitting there disconnected, so I have to remove that in the future, too.  Hoping to, in the future, get an MPI assembly from a 92-95 Dodge 318/360 (ECU, Wiring Harness, 318 Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold w/ Fuel System, etc) - just also need a new inline external fuel pump for it (also need a proper doner vehicle from a junkyard, otherwise I'll be paying out alot more by shopping around online, even with eBay).  Pics to come.