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Another 240hybrid 1973 Datsun 240Z post...

  • Nov 12, 2013

I'm using this page so that I can host pics so that I can post pics on other pages, but these parts or items are for sale. If you're interested email me and we'll talk. I have a fuse box and cover that is not melted at all. The plugs and wires are all still intact as the pic shows. There is no screw to keep the cover on the box though. This is a door shell from my old 75 280z that I had. I patched the lower area, but never finished the work. This is the passenger side door from that same 75 280z...its in great condition except for a some dings and some scratches it got while in storage. Here is the interior panel from that passenger side door. The trim is flaking a bit and there was a 4" speaker installed in the door. Speaker not included... Thanks email me if your interested in these items. I will not ship the doors though.