Sup peepz, this is a '79 Mustang That I built pretty much. I just dropped a new engine in with some performance parts in it, we also replaced the clutch and the tranny. Here are some specs on my mustangs engine. - Rebuilt 302 block out of a 68 Mustang - Bord out .060 over, high compression - Port & Polished heads - Upgraded Cam, 5/10 lift (Slightly larger than an RV's), You can notice the Idle difference - Edelbrock performer intake manifold - 750mm HollyCarb 4bbl - Spacer plate between the Carb and the intake manifold to allowed the air/fuel to spread more evenly thorought all 8 cylinders - Ford Racing Head Covers - Professional Timing - Brand new stage 2 clutch - Rebuilt 4 speed transmission - New altenator - New back tires (Street/Track) purposes - Took out the thermostat so coolant automatically cycles through the engine, keeping it from over heating (high compression engine) - Dyno'd at 353 RWHP / 376lbs of Torque This is the car for all those people who call SRT-4's V-8 killers, anyone with common sense knows thats horribly mistaken ! ! You can see this car alot up at PIR (Portland Internation Raceway) My Contact / Personal Information... Name - Jeremy Rosales Age - 18 years of age E-Mail - AIM - XtheusedX1113 Myspace -