State of Qatar may have no more than 10 Supra including main anyway for me its the best one:) by theway its a 1997 moudel AEM Engine Management System AEM 5-bar MAP sensor AEM Gauge Display AFR GT42 TURBO Tial 44mm Wastegate Sard Fuel PumpSard 1000cc Injectors Greddy 4 row intercooler HKS Camshafts 280 Duration HKS 1.6mm Head Gasket CP Forged Piston Set ARP Head Stud Kit AEM Cam Gear Boost Logic Crank Pulley Greddy Oil Catch Tank Powerhouse Racing Polished Upper Radiator Pipe Kit Virtual Works Manifold Virtual Works Power Steering Relocation Kit Greddy Type-RS Blow Off Valve OS Giken Triple Disk Clutch Polished Cylinder Head Defi GaugesTanabe Ultra Medalion exhaust JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers suspension B&M Short Shifter TRD Limited Slip Differential new update on 2014 removed the body kit and repainted the original colour was red and stock body kit also change rims with ccw sp500 '19'