This is my 1978 Toyota Celica GT Liftback that will be turned into a circle track racer. It probably won't be done by May 2005 for this season, but there's always 2006. I'll continually post updates when I can.12-22-04 The car is needing some work if it wants to call itself a race car. First of all it needs all the things that make it a street car taken out. Seats, carpet, air conditioning, lights, windows, etc. In the future I will put in a 4-point cage, a Weber 38 carb, headers, a racing seat, a new dash, and I plan to make some kind of aerodynamic fuel cell cover in the rear for air to exit out the empty rear window. The listed weight and horsepower are stock. The weight will be a minimum of 2080.Pictures will be up soon.12-23-04 I took some pictures of the car this afternoon. We got the title and plates, so now I could drive it legally on the street if needed.