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RockABillyRebel’s 1967 Opel Rekord

Commodore A Coupe

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Comments (5)
  • Gui - Br Chevy`s
    Nice car! I have an Opala (Chevrolet), look and say if you know this model... It?s is a 2.5 liter, but with only 4 cylinders, 5 speed...
  • hakkelaar
    Wow, that is a real unique car! It looks verry different (the ass);)!
  • Big_Papi
    nice..very nice & dad has a opel manta gt..however i havent seen another like it..i believe its early 70's however i wouldnt swear to it..later..shawn
  • K4Banger
    That's what I thought. It's been a long time since I've seen one but, if it looked like this I would have remembered for sure. I will check back . Later
  • K4Banger
    Wow! You've done some re-shapeing here haven't you? My folks bought one of these a while back, your's is way too smooth to be stock. It looks better, as a matter of fact. Best of luck with it. Later