Page OneHi let me start by introducing myself, my name is Jeff Gilman Jr, I'm 16 and I've been racing for two seasons at Hudson Speedway in Hudson NH. The first season was in the first year Thunderlights. A youth division intended to get kids into racing. I finished 3rd in the first ever thunderlight race. I also won three races , two heats and took 4th in the final point standings. This season I moved upto the roadrunners/ministock class, racing against adults, some who were twice my age. I managed to get 11th in points. Not quite what I wanted but none the less pretty good for my first real season. Next season I'm giving the roadrunners another try with my trusty pinto. I couldn't have had a better car for myself. These cars are easy to work on and to set up. I love going out each week and showing that pintos are fast and kick ass.This is my 79(I believe) Ford Pinto, It has a 2300cc Motor in it , I can't tell you the modifications to the car, but I can tell you it's setup for oval track raicng.(As if that wasnt obvious enough.)