This is my 2004 Touring Edition 350z! My name is Jeff and im fixin to be 17 here in July finally.. anyway.. i just got this car a week ago and iv loved every moment of having it.. Below are some pics of my 2nd baby lol.. G/F has to be first huh?! lol yep.. anyway though ill have more pics comin soon.. probably only thing i will do to the car is tint the windows, CAI , and put chrome 18's on it.. ill leave the rest stock. I just cant see messing up whats already nice!! By the way i have 2 12in. JL w3's 4sale in a JL PowerWedge box.. any offers email me.. or hit me up on aol instant messenger.. well here we are.. pics are below.. thx for viewin' my page and sign the guest book..Aim: knightridah15