Page OneIf you checked out my P.I., I am a young man with many Ideaz(Too Many!!!).And my hopes are to find people with the same love for cars and innovation like that that I too have. At 22 yrs old, I've been Through Alot which has limited me to Drawings And Graphix Work aside from the usual helping friendz and doing my own various customizing and small tasks.I Need any help possible to see me make a mark on the auto and art scenes(AS WELL AS THE BIZ END). There's 100's of Ideas to Incorporate and lots of money to be made!!!Only I struggle with finding the sources needed and the part with schooling and/or training since learning to live with Bi-Polar makes it tough to stick to the ordinary and that I learn my own wayz and by experiencing the KNOW-HOW myself.This is some big chance for me to display some of my Ideas. And Many See me as one very brilliant person, but doubt that I'll find My success through this route...I think Differently though!!!There's gotta be someone who's as interested in "MAKING WAVES"and could really need some-one like me as much as I need the help of someone to step things up a notch.My artwork shown is only a small display of my talents! I've lost alot of Drawings And Digital media do to hard drive crashes and being mistaken for Garbage!There's ALOT more to show for... If you would like... Please contact me by E-Mail or What other means that are available on this Site or My Personal Info. .....Travis Demars(\\