1977 Mini Clubmanmy dad got this car as is.. minus rear wheels. it was pinned against a light pole by a landcruiser's bullbar (before we owned it). car is currently unregistered.rear suspension has been lowered by x amount (no idea how much i grinded off the rear struts) suspension hasn't settled in so it actually looks jacked up :-\. waiting on a spring compressor to do the front..no idea what engine is in it.. im assuming 998 or 1098 (dead stock) also very badly out of tune.. but still gets enough power to spin wheels down driveway (gravel)..plans for it:round nose fiberglass fronta set of hi-lo's for front and rear (so i can actually adjust the height reliably)a set of 12/13" mini-lites with wide drums and flares to accomodate themhardened suspension so the wheels dont scrape when going over large bumpshome made digital display w/ loggingwhite leather interior (maybe)a decent stereohave it painted wrx blue or white.. or maybe a pearlescent variety.......a better engine built from my dads wide variety of parts from stripped mini's(not specifically in that order, also need the bling to do it)