Now that I had it, I couldn't just leave it alone, so i went to work ebay shopping for all the goodies. I bought infinity kappa speakers for the rear deck, (4x6plates), for the front doors(6x9's)for the center console(2componant tweeters and, 3 1/2 drivers), for the dash board(4 inch drivers), and last but not least for the trunk,(2 10inch mtx thunder subs), and all this is attached to 2 mtx amps with a combined power of 1000 watts, which is connected to an alpine eq, and an aiwa cd head unit. But i couldn't stop there, so i installed a dvd player, that has a tv tuner function and of course plays mp3's, and whats the point in all that, unless there is a monitor attached. Well this means the outside is left. so i decide to mount some hp evo 18's ith 225 40 18 sumitomos on the wheels not bad huh?! thats a 4 inch lip. I also tinted the windows as well. Well she's still a work in progress. I still plan on changing the lights to european lights(custom one off's with hid's enclosed, and possibly a wald body kit. but thats my baby and whats a sweet ride without a mascot to troop with you, so meet marvin mercedes my partner in crime say hi to the ladies marvin.