THIS PICTURE IS NOT MY CAR. THIS IS THE BASIC LOOK OF THE CAR MINUS THE SUNROOF.I found the car i bought sitting in a guys barn which has been sitting for 10 years now. Its blue with a white vinyl top its in nice condition. It only has 80,000 miles on the stock 400 and it runs! I have a lot of plans for this beast, first of all duals to make it sound bad ass, im gonna get 3 or 3.5 inch pipe all the way back with 2 flowmaster mufflers on the back. I think for now i can leave the paint but i will eventually paint it. Then i will buy some 12 inch wide magnum 500's, im not sure if they make them that wide, they better. I have a sony xplod deck which, i might have to re-wire for im not sure, if someone could tell me if i have to or not. Pics will be here in spring its in storage right now THANKS.