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Skilz10179’s 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Jeremy's Turbo 2.4Z Cavalier

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Comments (268)
  • thispostisalie
    How stupid can someone get??!!?? May as well have bought a Z06 or more... better to buy a poodle and put a spoiler on it. You gotta be an idiot to work on a butt ugly Cav. I guess it takes all kinds - good luck with your money pit!
  • ProjectZ24
    well nevermind about the first question. I just read all the info on it. You've got a pretty impressive list there.
  • ProjectZ24
    That is the first time I've seen that engine. It looks like the 2.3L H/O. Is it one with a custom valve cover to show off extra displacement? You did an awesome job on your car. I never really udnerstood why anyone would want to make a domestic cavalier look like one from japan, but you pulled it off well. There is a cavalier near me that is stock with toyota badges and fake dual hood scoops. Quite entertaining... Anyway, very nice! Please get back to me on that engine and I really like to here about your turbo system and how things are going with it.
  • sunfiresarah
    Car looks great, can't wait to see what you do next.
  • qwik2k2z24
    jeremy, come on, wheres the info and pics at! get on this shit already
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