Hey, so this baby is my car(well this is a pic of another car off the net, but mines exact same model only red exterior and black interior).1974 280 S Mercedes-Benz I'm in the process of getting it over to my house. Should be coming soon. I'm 16, just recently got my liscence and was given this. As of now, this car is pretty much stock, sittin on Mags. I plan on giving it: 1) Paint job(black) and maybe tinting windows 2) cleaning the interior(shampoo) 3)cleaning exterior(polish, rust protector) -- pretty much just restore is, then add in some mods... cd/mp3 player with new/better speakers, maybe add some horsies to it some how. Make sure you sign my guestbook- let me know what you think of the car, what I should do with it, and some names. - Rank it aswell