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importtunner1’s 2003 Nissan Sentra

Sexy Bitch

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Comments (5)
  • nismotin03
    hey man, Car looks great! just wondering if you powdercoated or painted your factory rims? I was planning on doing the same thing to my wheels, but in a gun-metal colour. Did you do it yourself? and if so, do you have any pointers? I don't want to screw them up! Thanks, and keep up the good work!! Later.
  • dyldo_boi
    dood! is that 200 the fast back version..? o_O ahhh!!! i want that car hahaha im new to this car domain thing but i have talked to you on the b15forum before hit my page up if u get the chance..
  • SilverSleeper65
    Lookin Good Bra...It loooks sick lower'd like that....Thanks for the post also
  • LeythSpecV
    Now thats how you gut out a car lol. Very nice work man. check out my spec sometime.
  • stevieboipinoy
    awww thats tight, i really like what you did with your interior lights, I never thought about doing that. WHat kind of bulb did you use for it?