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blax_z32’s 1993 Nissan 300ZX

Blax Z owned by a 16yr old

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Comments (5)
  • fast300zx
    nice car man, very sweet, you should come check out some more sweet rides at we got all the hot imports over there including 300zx, 350z, supras, 3000gtvr4, sti/wrx, rx7 and more
  • 93zxtt
    wuts goin on man. Thats def clean. You shoulda went with the tt though. check out mine. 93zxtt. let me know what u think
  • lownslow89mazda
    hey man nice z. come check out mine sumtime. i dont have really anything done to it yet tho, maybe ya got sum ideas for me.
  • zguy95135
    Hey nice Z. I like the 2+2 on the late 300zx's, it makes them look sleeker (the backseats arent bad). How much did you get it for? Come check out my 75 280Z and leave some feedback if you can. BTW insurance must be a bitch, its gonna be like $1000 every 6 months for me :(, check out the best Z site on the net. Later
  • bem7738
    Hey man...thanks for you comments on my Z. Yours looks to be in great shape...take good care of it. I did the while on the Nissan brakes just by painting it with (porcelin paint that holds for high temps) Well be safe in your Z. later bro