This is my 1980 Pinto with the optional rallye package. My grandfather bought it when it was only a year or two old. The clutch went out of it so instead of replacing it, he parked the car and bought a new one. Fifteen years later my dad and I rescued it. My dad drove it for a year because it got better mileage than his truck. Then when I got my license, I bought it from him. The car has 90,000 original miles but the last 15,000 have been pretty pounded miles. This was and still is my first car and like any new male driver, I used every little bit my car had. Burnouts, doughnuts, ditchs, snowbanks, this car has been a blast. The pictures were taken when I first got it so it looked okay then, and went pretty good then too! Now it is pretty tired but I still think it would be a good project car. If you have any input, sign guestbook and vote on my poll.UPDATE 1-12-04: Sadly my car passed away on 12-29-03. As I drove her in to town it began to knock and bang unbeleivably loud. She blew the oil out the exhaust and now the antifreeze is in the oil pan. She went good. But at least I got the tires to spin just before she blew. Now I got to decide how much i really love this thing. What should I do with it. Vote on my new poll and tell me what you thinkUPDATE 8-31-09: Sorry I haven't been on much (holy crap 5 YEARS).  I still haven't gotten rid of the beast yet, just don't have the heart for it.  Right now its sitting out back of my folks on blocks awaiting some attention.  Life has gotten in the way of cars.  Whenever I can get settled, I plan to rip it apart and see what I have to work with.  I have a bad feeling rust has already overtaken the car, but if not, this car will be rebuilt someday.  Once I know its fate (I have no idea when that will be) I will update the page accordingly.