1979 Ford PintoThe one of the few that did not blow upThe story on this car is some lady bought it off the car lot new. She did not use it much so she sold it to the person my dad bought it from. My dad bought it for my sister and she forgot to put oil in it. When it stopped running she gave it back to my dad to fix. Before he fixed it she already got a car. So my dad said that I could drive it if I fixed it. When I tore the motor down all that was wrong was the cam was burned up. So I replaced that and now I drive the bomb on wheels. I try to drag race it as much as possible. During Fun Ford Weekend in Ga. I won the street ford class for 2003. I was the 1 of the 3 cars up there going 20 sec. You can see this at http://www.funfordevents.com/2003/Events/atlanta03_bracket.phpFor my day car I am restoring a 1968 mustang coupe also on this site