First of all I gotta say this site sucks compared to what it used to be. Used to be able make a timeline of progress. Posts cannot be formatted at all and come in random order. Ok rant done. -The Beginning- This is what it looked like back in 2015 when I first started. This is clean.. engine bay was filled with rat nests and hay to where you couldn't see anything. Was wrecked in '87 and sat in a shed for almost 30 years. Lots of wires were chewed through as a result. -Fuel Tank- First thing I did (after removing debris) was clean the 3" of solid sludge in the gas tank from 30 yr old gas festering. Took days. Gave it a nice paint job with rust inhibitor paint. -Engine Rebuild- Next, I tore the engine down to the block. Cleaned everything well and checked for warping. Put everything back together, replacing every gasket and hose along the way. Also replaced the alternator, oil pump, timing chain, starter, and ignition/coil/igniter. Rebuilt the carb and checked repaired some electrical connections. For some reason I decided to clean and high-temp paint most parts.  -Brake Booster- Ended up replacing the brake booster and master cylinder while I was at it. -Wheels and Brakes- Got burnt out for a while and finally picked back up on brakes / wheels. The wheels were rusted out and not repairable. Shame, I liked the 13" style with the center caps, classic. Pryed off the old drums from the back and replaced everything in there and gave it some new brake shoes. Replaced front rotors and pads. Bled all the lines, found a couple leaks. Replaced the rubber hoses in some places, and bent up a new steel line by the booster. Slapped some new wheels on, but crap, they wouldn't clear. Got some aluminum spacers and they cleared pretty nicely, and helped the stance. -Paint and Body- Sanded down most of the body and frame and put a coat of black. -Big Gap- Fast forward to 2016. I moved, then there was a flood, engulfing the whole car. I was so pissed, I let it sit for a while while we recovered. About a year later I mustered up some energy and cleaned it up, again. Drained the sludge, rebuilt the engine and replaced a few gaskets. Ended up having to replace the MSD ignition with a new one (6A). At this point I removed all the dumb high-temp paint and make a new goal for original/classic look. Ran ok afterwards then I put it down again. One year later, it's 2018. I built a shop for my projects, a better space to work in. Ramped it up a good bit, back in the game. First thing I did was rip all the emissions crap out of it, it was a california model. Engine bay much cleaner now. Swapped the carb out for a new Weber. Also replaced the dry rotting washer fluid reservoir and coolant overflow tank. Routed some hoses and replaced the nozzles to the windshield. -Interior Rebuild- Next thing, pulled out the entire interior again. Coated the steel with rust inhibiting enamel, black of course. Did my best to cover it all. While everything was out, I cleaned/coated the vinyl seats, trim, door cards, with a special vinyl/fabric paint. Really turned out well in my opinion. -Final Exterior- I put everything back together inside, then moved on to the exterior. Sanded everything down, used a lot of body filler fiberglass. Bent out the metal the best I could. Filled in the holes where I removed some exterior trim and more damage fixed from the original wreck. Polished the chrome up. I had to replace front bumper, couldn't salvage it. Found a good one on E-Bay. Maybe some smiley bumpers one day, but trying to keep it original in all aspects. Replaced lights, fuses, more wiring. -Next steps- As you can see I need to put in the back glass, looking for some seals and weatherstripping. The old one were real worn and dry rotted out. I have the louvers that go over it, they'll look pretty nice once they are on. I painted those same as body color. Need to buff the coat to get a gloss shine (single stage paint). I need to get an exhuast made for it, It's running straight out the exhaust manifold (lol, very loud). Then get it street legal, and all the red tape that takes. Hoped you liked everything so far, it's been a work in progress. There is a lot on minimal things I didn't list like changing lights, electrical, relays, fixing gauges, etc.. I knew some basics, changing oil, brake pads, general maintenance before starting this project. By no means a pro. There is so much you can learn by getting in there and getting your hands dirty. Challenge yourself daily, and you'll be surprised what you can accomplish. Just about everything I was able to do myself, with trial and error, blood, sweat and something that's supposed to come out your eyes. I know this isn't the biggest, flashiest ride on here, but thought someone might be interested in taking a look. Thanks for stopping by!