Did you buy a Ford Mustang GT 2018 recently? First of all, Congratulations! How about the right accessories for it? Well, there’s a myriad of such performance parts available in the market for Ford Mustang GT 2018. If you are worried about the high price tags, don’t be! You can certainly grab an exciting deal from the stores like Autozone through CouponsMonk and start saving huge.   However, here’s the list of such amazing Ford Mustang GT 2018 accessories which are worth buying: 1.    Sports suspension TVS system You can handle roads flawlessly with sports suspension TVS system. This kind of technology offers the facility of handling kits which include firmer springs. Also, there’s a couple of sway bars present accompanied with this accessory which improves the behavior of the car. It is definitely a must-buy for Ford Mustang GT 2018. 2.    Trim supercharger kit   Although Mustang ford 2018 is offering amazing features to its buyers. Still, when it comes to starting its life, it is just 200 horsepower! So, it clearly indicates that the car is somehow not meeting today’s standards.   Howbeit, you shouldn’t be negative at all. If you add up a supercharger kit, it will boost up the speed of the car. The best supercharger kit which is available in the market now is the Vortech supercharger.  With this amazing supercharger, you can go for a moderate PSI boost which might vary from 7 to 9. Finally, the horsepower of the compact Mustang will enhance up to 331. The price of this excellent accessory ranges around $3000. Too pricey? Just grab a thrilling voucher from Retailmenot or any of your favourite coupon site, you will save huge.   3.    Interior Light Kit   When it comes to accentuating the looks of your Mustang, you should definitely go for the right light kit. You can set your mood while driving with such a  kit in your car. A smart light kit includes a LED generated light which remains placed in the cupholder area. Also, there will be identical light bars hanging in front of the wheels. Isn’t it exciting enough?   So, just spend $249 and buy such a striking light kit from Ford accessories now. I bet, it will be a smart purchase for your car. Also, if you opt for the seven different colour options available in this light, it will create a soothing ambience in your car.   4.    Clutch Pedal Extension   If you feel a bit uncomfortable while driving your Mustang, don’t forget to buy a clutch pedal extension. With a high-quality clutch pedal extension, the contact surface of the pedal will increase by 1-1/2”. Moreover, you will enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic seating position in your car.   CJ Pony Parts is selling such a high-quality pedal extension for Mustang Ford 2018. If you’ve been looking for one for a long time, grab the right pedal extension from there soon. It will cost you just $49!   Above that, browse through the websites like Groupon to find the right offer for making your purchase frugal.     5.    Remote start system   If you want to drive your Mustang ford 2018 with style, you can go for this really smart accessory. You just have to give a push of a button and thus you will be able to remotely start your car. To start your car will be definitely an effortless practice with such an excellent accessory.   Moreover, the remote start system that Ford accessories is selling has a wide range of exciting features. It has a two-stage shock sensor and perimeter alarm. Also, the kit includes 1 –button key fob. The cost of this remote start system is around $ 235 only! So, buy your one soon for an amazing driving experience.   Last but not the least, the aforementioned accessories are really astounding for your Ford Mustang GT 2018. If you’ve not tried them yet, you should certainly give them a try.    Moreover, there are many other potential accessories available in the market like Twin-Turbo kit, Boss crate engine, clutch kit, gauge pack, digital seat covers and so on. So, the list is definitely a long one! Thus, you should very soon start upgrading your car.   Wish you all the best!   If you know about any such other effective accessories for Ford Mustang GT 2018, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section below.