I actually started this install on 2\26\2018, but was unable to complete because there were no other 1G RDX owners that cond confirm, nor deny that cutting\extending wires from the CD controller would not result in failure. I also could not get any info from reaching out directly to otterman, and also showed no video confirmation of set up actually working. I assure the way I connected my head unit (HU), there's no way it couldn't work. I spliced from CD controller yellow (12v constant), red (ingnition), and black (ground). Then extended these w\an aftermarket harness (Scoshe HA10B and HA10RB), then extended these wires out to the side of the center console for easy access. SPEAKERS The door speakers were replaced w\4 Infinity Kappa 62.11i. These are 125 watt RMS (per pair), and are running at 2ohms. I used 4 DS 18 PRO CFX 2 way passive crossovers. Tweeters were replaced w\4 Polk DB101 1" silk\polymer composite dome. One 12" Alpine SWR 12D4 type R 1000W dual 4ohm VC, running at 2ohms in a sealed enclosure. AMPS For mid-range speakers, and tweeters Im using a Pioneer GMA6604. Powering 4ch 90W RMS @ 2ohms. For Sub Im using a Kenwood KAC-9106D 1000W RMS mono block.   Wiring *Lightning Audio by Rockford Fosgate 1\0 power\ground wires *K146, 6 meter Kicker 4ch K series RCA interconnect cables *K126, 6 meter Kicker 2ch K series RCA interconnect cables *12 AWG o2 free bare copper speaker cable *Hear shrink tubing *1\2" and 3\8 black conduit