Sadly, I had to sell my beloved ’98 A8 since I could not find a transmission for him and due to new Mexican car import regulations I could not register it anymore so there was no meaning of adding more time & $$ on a car I could not drive in TJ so decided to sell him and buy a car that was already registered so I found this A4 Avant almost at the edge of ending her days at the recycler so I bought her for cheap with lots of areas of improvements, first the head gaskets were replaced by a shop who had no idea how to work on Audi’s so the timing was messed up and could barely start so I could not even do a test drive to check the transmission and suspension but decided to buy anyways, luckily transmission is working fine and front suspension is still tight, the rear will require new sock absorbers and some bushings but is drivable as is. Interior needs some attention as well as the body but she’s almost 20 years old so it’s normal for her age. The day I bought her I took her directly to the shop that usually works on my Audi’s when I don’t have the time to work on them or too tired from work, they fix her in no time and could take her now for a test drive, like I said transmission was OK and suspension still drivable so I was very happy to find out that she was not in such bad shape as I imagined but still is a long way to make her a very nice ride once again. After a week of daily driver I noticed from day 1 that there was some smoke coming out of the pipes so I did a spark plug replacement, air filter, fuel filter and oil change and o though the smog was reduced a lot it was still some smoke coming out, I also noticed that oil pump was failing because after some highway drive and reduce the speed the oil light came on but turned off right after so last week it finally give out and the oil light did not turned off so I took her to the shop and got it replaced now, the problem is that the smog is now heavier than the first week I drove her so maybe the turbo is not good?? I don’t know, but at the shop they mentioned that it could be something to do with the heads (they did not replaced some valves gaskets or something??) but I want them to check the turbo first because working on the heads again might cost me more $$ so I’ll take her to the shop again in a week, I’ll keep you updated on the diagnose.