Replaced fluids in rear and front diff, transfer case, and tranny.  Replaced the factory thermostat with a 350Z Nismo thermostat which is 154* F.  I'm liking it.  It's running much cooler now.  It highway speeds I rarely get over 177* F.  Replaced the coil springs and struts.  Moog coil springs and Rancho struts.  I got an extra 1" lift out of the springs which I really wasn't expecting.  Luckily I still fit in the garage!   Also installed a 32" led light bar.  It is rediculously bright.  The mounts conveniently lined up perfectly to the roof rack mounts so I didn't have to drill any new holes.  Also, I have an pending order for a winch bumper at Tactical Armour.  Can't wait to get it!   I'm nearing the end of all my mods...or so I think.  I'm sure I'll come up with something else!