i decided i should put up a port for my luv build over here, i have one on luvtruck and s10forum currently. tried before but messed up all the pic postings so i said screw it for a while the truck was bought for $150 with half of a stock 1.8L 4 banger in it and a 4 speed with 4wd. i replaced the stock engine with one in good shape added a weber and electronic ignition and drive it for about two years until the first gear started to go pretty bad and i decided the truck needed a bit more kick   i had a pretty good idea of where i was going with it after a week or so of endless internet searching and talking to a few older hot rodders. so during tear down i went ahead and scrapped the crap 91 heads, cam, headers, intake, tbi and stock distributor during the process i pulled the whole engine and interior harness, i was really unhappy with the stock luv system, the external regulator and lack or relays drove me nuts, the lights dimmed if i had wipers and heater on and all sorts of little issues came up with it. s i pulled that and swapped over to the power center from a jeep xj and spent a while re running wires and relocated my battery to the bed, the new system works great with a gm 1 wire block bored .030/.030   crank turned .010/.010 went to picknpull and got some 97 vortec heads, cleaned them up some nice new pistons pressed onto the stock rods coming together got myself a nice compcams 270* hydraulic roller cam the difference between the vortec and non vortec intake ports got some corvette ls6 beehive valve springs was really disappointed with the ports on these heads, lined up the gaskets and went to work matching them, had started on the far right port, how terrible is that middle one! little more progress, still needed finishing touches and smoothing getting about there, also opened up the water jackets just to make sure the cooling was never choked up new valves of course along with a valve job the edelbrock intake manifold had the same problem, the port on the right doesnt need to go that big the gasket opening is just bigger while i was adding all this GO i figured it would be fun to stop without the help of a wall, the stock rotors were solid non vented and flat faced. these dont get nearly as hot picked upa nice spectre cold air intake for 4 barrel carbs, i started off wit hthe pictured holley 450, but i sold it and got a edelbrock 500 quick mockup with the new parts, still old holley. the headers are from pacesetter for a 96 s10 i had to modify the middle tube on the driver side beyond that they are fine converted to the older style 4 headlight setup and grill, i like the look better than the single bigger lights coming together the lower core support was bent from rear ending a ranger. i also cut off the pieces from the sides of the radiator gap so i could fit my big aluminum 19x22 radiator and 16" fan they needed the trim to fit this i installed it at an angle so i didnt have to cut into the frame down there, lots of work was left to be done in the compartment at this point cab and bed came off, i was tring to keep it 4x4 with a 700r4 and a np203. but i just wasnt goign to fit and line up, so i sold those and got a rwd nv3500 stripping engine compartment stripped the entire frame down to bare metal, used john deere primer, and john deere implement high gloss black paint for it, this stuff is really durable after some fighting i got the ifs drive axle pulled, pulled out the axle shafts and sealed up the backs of the hubs, in the pic are also the swap mounts i bought and later modified to change engine position cleaned and primed started fabbing a bolt in trans mount, left the welded in stock one with heavy modification it ended up with bolts horizontally thru the frame, and vertically thru the frame, wasnt done welding it up yet decided i didnt want the exhaust hanging down below the frame so i made a xmember like soem corvettes have i also see on a lot of bagged trucks there isnt much distance between the two xmembers but that is fine, welded it back in and got to work on the rest painted the engine compartment by sime wild stroke of luck the nv3500 just happed to line up this well with the stock shifter hole. just needed trimming to make the hole more square for the tower to clear engine in cab coming down for the first time starting running the stock harness and re-running the sections from the driver side fender where the old voltage reg and fises were to the pass side where the jeep power center is oh yeah... it was a blast got some volvo 850/s70? seats made custom rails because the one they had weighed more than the seats, tons of motors and bs i didnt want   comparison of my modified mount layout vs the ones i bought and cut up. i made the mount the same shape as the medestal it mounts on and out of thicker plate, i moved the engine back a bit thru the process i didnt like how far forward it sat pulled after up and ready to go back in, still had the holley 450 on it, i used that for a little while but it never ran quite right. mstly because i had issues with timing getting knocked off b the distributor hittign the firewall new clutch this tube used to go way out and would have gone outside the s10 steering shaft, didnt work with mine so i had to shorten it and make it go inside very minimal serp belt setup tons of paint stripper on the floor, wasnt done scraping it yet and of course bed liner welded the sides around the radiator back in the start of the exhaust build up the bracket for my remote oil filter bracket engine ready to go. finishin up all the rewiring to the jeep setup getting it done ran into an odd problem and came up with a odd solution. my stock clutch was cable operated so the pedal is setup to pull a cable. and the s10 has a hydraulic clutch so i made the clutch master cylinder mount facing me inside the dash moved the battery to the bed and ran the cables along the frame and up thru the bed floor new front end on, since i was doing a ton of rewiring anyway i went ahead and replaced the bulbs so all four have high and low beams and all four are on for both, took new bulbs and harness sections my down pipes, 2.25" everything from header to tip is mandrel bent cut along the bends to make the smallest angles possible. none are sharper than 46* after the header   after that xmember and near the back of the transmission, goes into a flowmaster scavenger y pipe exhaust system from the above point back, from the y pipe it is a single 3" pipe that goes to a flowmaster super 44. that little hump is all i needed to clear the axle since the exhaust is up in the frame how the clutch master cylinder works now holley FPR mount first running startup video http://vid177.photobucket.com/albums/w216/ridered972/video-2014-05-01_15-44-57_zpsvhmsgton.mp4 and then shortly after startup i found out my tranny 5th gear and reverse shift fork was broken.. so this happened on friday brought this home saturday on warranty replacement from picknpull and i had it back in and driving on that sunday =) has been running and driving for a while now. i need to change out my rear axle to one with a better ratio, the first gear in this 5 speed is pretty deep and my axle is a 4.10 ratio so first is pretty much useless i start off in second just fine. the truck needs a lot of body work and paint but beyond that i am really happy with it, i have spent enough time on this posting so i gonna stop there so i dont have to track down the most recent pics will do that later