originally it was a sad day but after some quick deliberation my integra INARI was decomissioned for the time being and for the first time in my life i own a new car!! I have to say there is nothing i can complain about in this car and in a few years i'm gonna get started back on the teg anyways this car is awesome and a welcome change since i've been with out vtec in my life since the engine blow back in '08. i don't expect to change much just some decepticon decals a custom wall paper for my information center nothing too big or over the top. i am thinking maybe a new exterior color though, something to make it pop but i keep leaning to mandarin orange, bathurst yellow or sunburst yellow.... maybe i can play around with the middle ground and get a mango-ish color made up just for me. oh well, that's all i have for now, my HFP rims are on standby as are my dash lighting and front underbody spoiler