In July '04 I bought my first car: a 1977 Chevrolet Camaro Type LT rolling-chassis (no engine or transmission). The day after purchasing it I mentioned the purchase to a co-worker. She told me that her son-in-law happened to have a Mustang for sale. She wasn't sure what year the car was but that it was around a 1970. I gave her son-in-law a call and by end of the week I had purchased my second car. I had a blast with this car and it always got lots of attention. It was painted Medium Bright Yellow and had a Ginger interior. It also had the original 351-ci 2-V Cleveland and FMX automatic transmission. Soon after buying the car I was referred to someone about a half hour away who had spent most of his life meddling with Mustangs. He had a 1971 351-ci 4-V Cleveland (285-bhp) mated to a C-6 automatic which he was willing to sell. I bought the engine and transmission, then purchased various other performance parts for the engine. I drove it to work for a while and one day was approached by another employee who mentioned he owned a 1971 Mach 1 drag car. He had the car since he was young and ever since had been experimenting with different parts to see what he could get out of the engine. He had lots of parts that had only seen a couple of passes on the 1/4 mile before he deciding to change his setup, so I was able to buy a bunch of parts for a reasonable price. His Mustang was also factory yellow, though his came with a 351-ci 4-V, and was still the engine he was currently racing with. The last time I talked to him the car was pushing 700-plus horsepower and high 9-second 1/4 ETs (if I remember correctly), all on a naturally aspirated small-block 351-ci Cleveland. After driving the Mach 1 for a couple of years I came across a '70 Chevrolet Chevelle for sale. I bought the Chevelle and eventually sold the Mach 1 to a relative of mine in June, 2007.