My father brought this local Falcon home on November 16, 2008. It was bought new by the previous owners sister, who had fallen ill and passed away just a few years later. After she passed on her brother decided to keep the car, though it has only had a few years of actual road use since. It has spent the majority of its life in storage, having been driven for a small number of years during the dry seasons and seeing only a few winter seasons on the road. He mentioned his children drove the car for a couple of years while they were attending high school, and one of them tried to do some minor paint repair on the car in autoshop (which is evident by the over-spray on the information tag riveted to the rear facing side of the drivers side door.) Besides the small area on the door being repainted, it still wore its original Springtime Yellow paint. The interior of the car was in excellent original shape, having been spared the wear and tear of constant use that most other vehicles usually suffer. Nearly all of the chrome trim was in excellent shape as well. The body needed little, though there was bubbling on the passenger-side quarter panel, slight rusting under the fender and quarter-panel wheel lips and a few chips and a couple cracks in the paint. The little 200-ci I6 took a few pumps before it chirped to life but I was surprised at how well the engine ran the moment it fired up. The automatic choke held a strong, non-sputtering idle immediately without requiring any assistance from the gas pedal. He sold the Falcon on September 16, 2009.