I just recently purchased this awesome truck from one of the original owners via a friend of mine. The story - Back in 1978 the Original Owners (husband & wife) decided to trade in a 1963 Corvette and another car and order this 1978 Scottsdale SWB. They took delivery in late April 1978 and the husband bought and installed the wheels/tires the next month. It was ordered to be a sport truck and not used for "truck purposes." It was driven sparingly and then sadly in 1981 the husband passed away and the Scottsdale went into the garage where it was driven at times over the next few decades. So now here we are in 2014, the wife getting older did not need the truck and it was taking up space in her garage that she wanted to use for other purposes. A friend of mine told me about the truck and was acting in her interest to sell it. Well, after looking at the rig I couldn't pass it up. It's number matching drive train with numbers matching alternator, carb, original radiator and hoses.....the list goes on. The interior is original except for the radio and steering wheel. The original owner was apparently very tall (6'6" ish) and changed the steering wheel to a 13" overall diameter period wheel so he could look over it and see the gauges, because the stock wheel obstructed his view of them. That didn't work for me as I am only 6"1" and the small wheel now obstructed my view, so I installed the 15" wood wheel. Further plans are to update the current early 80's wheels to a retro Halibrand wheel.