So apparently, crappy KDM cars can't drift. A few weeks later and about 200 bucks in repairs, the frame is all straightened out and it only looks a little worse for wear. Unfortunately, I was initially told it was unrepeatable so I happily ripped out all my lighting and audio. I've ghetto rigged up some sound again just because I can't drive without tunes but beyond that it's basically back to stock. I had blue led strips on the front and all inside. All those are gone. I had orange hub caps. Now just running steel. Handles and wipers are painted orange. Wipers need to be painted some more as I ran out of paint half way through. Only lighting I have now is blue in the ash tray and blue in the trunk. Since it's fixed I decided to get back to work on it. I installed some LED license plate bulbs that could pass as reverse lights and found a furby at a thrift shop to hang from the little securing hitch on the bottom. The Blue Turd is back in business baby. <3