This is my daily driver, my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD. I'll have more photos uploaded of her soon! She's Onyx Green Pearl Coat with Taupe cloth interior. She has the tried and true, reliable AMC-designed 4.0L "Power-Tech" I6 engine with 195 HP and 220 Lb. Ft. of Torque. She also has the best 4WD system Jeep ever made (SelecTrac), and the 42RE 4-speed automatic transmission. She's pretty basic, with the standard 26E Package and the only option being the RBP A/M-F/M-RDS-Tape-CD stereo with CD changer controls (I don't have a CD changer). The truck is pretty much completely stock for now, as it's my daily driver, and I want the best MPG and stock looks. (: She has 133,xxx miles on her as of 5/22/2014, and I got her on 5/7/2014. I am the third owner. As I said, I'll have more photos up soon, so stay tuned! (: Thanks for looking at my page and my Jeep! (: