I have always used the same "Cdr.Instigator" nickname and has nothing to do with what it implies, it's more to do with the "PC Gamer in Me" which started in the early 90'..

A little more in depth and history of my Ride..

I have a one owner 1997 Firebird Convertible 3.8II Stock W68/Y87 package. I presume it's a rare car to see on the road, as in all 15 years I have had Her I have only seen 4 cars just like Her...but only one was Brite Red. I have seen a white, a black, a blue and another Red one just like mine.. It turns heads every where I go. Fun daily driver for 15 years and counting.
Bought it and drove it off the show room floor with 17 miles under her dress. Because of the fact that She is a 6 banger, My wife and I christened Her "Amanda". She is not and has never been a racer. If it Has spun Her tires more that 5 times in Her life is WAY too many. I treated Her kindly since the beginning and until recently, say 2 months.. I replace Her original muffler, so She has a certain louder growl to Her malevolent Prrr.. I get a lot of compliments per week, so it's definitely an attention *** Like I said, I have never raced Her and there have been more than a few times in those 14 years that people wanted too... I have a plaque I won for "Peoples Choice Award" from Hooters Monthly Car Show. It's my Pride and Joy and will not ever part with..