Decided on the Yaris 'cause it had fantastic body lines along with the best mpg of anything in 2010 without being a Hybrid and, of course, it's a Toyota. First thing always; get the stance right. Got a set of quality lowering springs and a beefy anti-sway bar for the rear. I chose to upsize the tires one size over recommendation for the rim width and they're perfect. Getting the camber/caster right was a nuisance, as with most cars once lowered, but trial & error finally got it right. The little car handles really well with this set up and cruises great on the x-way. Legal tint on front windows with dark on rear. Most of the TRD call outs are from Japan via Ebay. I have "Hot Rods" so I needed dependability therefore the entire running gear and exhaust was left bone stock so it's nice & quiet. Didn't want a tomato juice can hanging under the car so I got a conservative cheap-o tail pipe extension from Auto Zone that looks right for the car. The most difficult task involved with purchasing this car was finding an econo-box that was decked out. I wanted all the power options and it absolutely HAD to have the factory tach in the dash. It was surprisingly hard to find on the 2 door hatchback, even with the 5 speed stick. Had to help the stereo a little so I installed an Infinity powered sub that'll flat blow your head off in the small cabin. All in all it's a fantastic little car and I'm very happy with it!