well this has been a project off and on for about a year now and its alost done! it has a ford escort GT engine 1.8L DOCH at 120 HP and a 7" "rough country lift" which i made.  it started its life a stock rundown festiva with the original 1.3L SOCH engine and tranny which had 180k miles when i got it for $800 and 100%  original every thang and i ran it verry hard till the head blew and thats when i started building her up! i was heart broken at first but decided to build my dream car. i started with the lift which has aspire fron shocks and 4.5" blocks made out of PTO shaft steel and 1/4" flat steel. on the rear is still stock shocks for now with a 7" block lift which is made from 1/4" 2"x2"x6.5" square stock with 1/4" flat plate both are pretty simple but solid! buildng and putting it on took less then a days worth of work after i got the easy stuff i worked over to the time consuming stuff.. i had to extend alll the front stuff. the tie rods i had to extend 1/2" and the controle arms 15/16" and had to ajust the camber so my wheels would sit vertical after finding my power house on craigs list for 250$ including the engine and tranny i got to work. making motor mounts i redid the front crossmember making it stronger and hammering the firewall to make the engine fit, then i attached the original tranny (bad idea) i was able to squease the engine and tranny in. this is where i had problmens the cv axels were over an inch to short which i knew would be ahead of time so i had to get aspire cv axels. the drivers side worked as it was but the passenger side i had to get extended 15/16" longer. after getting every thang putting the sway bar on is a major pain and will soon be replaced with a sway bar delete. with this done i am able to burn rubber on my temporary tires which are 275/70r 14s ill be going to 28" mud tires.  after i finished my tempory build i took it 200 miles to my home town and thats when the real problems started to show up but it rode amazingly smooth and stright!... at 150 miles it started knocking and would no longer change gears. probably because i went from 70mph in 3rd and 115mph in 4th in a blink of an eye it felt like so i let off but my god it pulled hard! when i finished my jurny it was done and no longer moved so i knew it was the clutch. after a fue months of sitting cuz of work i pulled it apart the clutch looked like it went through a blender... so i got to work getting a new tranny just because and a new clutch, still needs to be a stage 2 cluthc thats a later project. i broke off 2 fly wheel bolts and stripped 2 other so i retaped them all with 1/2" 1.25 metric pitch. while i was there i cleaned up and painted the engine and tranny looks super sexy now. after several days fixing my mistake and was finally able to start her up again and hearing that power house through the hedders and glass pack gives ya goose bumps! after a day of fine tuning i was able to start driving her again and how do you test a 7" lifted BP festiva?? you take her mudding and offroading of couse! so with out any delay i had to see how well my lift will actulally hold together so i went off steep inbankments, mud, and then 45 dagree horizontal tips putting all the weight on the passenger side and what to ya know nothing bent!  after 2 days of driving my almost compleat baby i had to park her for a long time where she still sits today for the past 3 months cuz i left for the Navy.. theres a lot more i did which i aint going to post but with out delay heres 2 grand worth of my investments! the tires on the rear are the stock size for comparison and yea its a blue finder i replaces it cuz the original one was way rusty.now look at that flexin! pretty weired driving it at that angle especially they wernt intended for thisand take a guess on what this is... yea its pretty bad bad pic but its clean and crisp the battory is now in the rear of the car to clear up space because it doesnt fit with the airfilter in it takes mud like a champ! yes its not that much mud here just a petter spot to take a pic with out gettingmy running shues to mudyand the major test was this i tilted it more after i took the pic but had no problems at all. i also tried doing this before i lifted it and it got stuck way before i got here and had to get pulled out...i decided to try on f150 tires but are a bit to big oh by the way im 6'3"so shows how tall it sits now haha yess its a bit rusty its a nebraska car and yes thats a 5gal bucket under the car. these reat tires are what im getting for it all around its a agressive tire and works wonders on the look on the car i didnt take many final photoes of the engine bay or any thang ill get them when i see my baby next but its the jist of it all and also like to appoligise for my horid spelling. but compaired to my first festiva this is a major step up!