This is my first time being on Car Domain. I recently gone from a 1994 Honda Civic DX automatic 4D sedan to a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S 4-speed E-Shift automatic on March 23, 2014. I had first fallen in love with the 00-05 models of the Celica when I was still in middle school through high school. I had always wanted one, but the price was way out of my budget. T-T However, being nearly 10 years later I'm able to afford one. I was originally going to settle on the first GT model I saw. It was pretty beat up and the engine had been raced out. It was still drivable, but there was no way would I be able to enjoy it like I wanted to. I almost threw down my entire car fund on the piece of junk out of the sheer desire to own one, but I reminded myself that I'd just be doing the same thing I did with the Civic. I deserved something better for all the hard work of resisting urges to spend. There was no way I was going to blow it now. So with shoulders heavy, from the disappointment of not getting one right away and the fact the car was so abused, I walked away and went back to hounding car sites and Craigslist. The following Sunday, I saw an add for a red 2002 GT in Wisconsin. I sent up a time and went to go see it. When I saw it drive up, my heart skipped a beat. It looked amazing... from afar. I got out of my 2001 Toyota 4runner and took a walkaround the GT. While the car sounded even better than the first one I looked at, several cosmetic issues and structural issues had the chance of me making a purchase looking farther and farther away. I just wasn't comfortable laying down $4100 for this.. again, with a heavy heart I had to reject even this one. I felt there was a better one out there just waiting to come home with me... Sitting in my car, I went back online and looked.. I found one towards Chicago and it looked AMAZING. It was a GT-S to boot! I was so stoked and called the number immediately. The guy answered too! that same day!! I asked how much he was looking for and he said $4300. I offered him $4100 for it and bit my lip, hoping he'd take it. HE DID! :D I got to his house and man did that Celica shine. It was like I found my soul mate. I just clicked with that car. It had me from first sight. It looked great from afar and up close. The guy came out to greet me and was super friendly and nice. I felt great around the guy, no pressure at all and no awkwardness either. We went on a test drive and the car was amazing. It handled well and ran smooth. I could definitely tell this guy loved it just as much as I do. With a huge grin on my face I definitely knew this car was coming home with me. I made the purchase and with a friend, I drove it home. And here he is, my 2000 Toyota Celica, SIL. =)