This is the newest member to the family. Her name is Africa. Africa is black on black on black. So far I've installed a 7" double din dvd and navigation system, a 10" subwoofer and security system as well as 20" rims. The tires on the rims are 225 35 R20 for a nice tuck when i decide to lower her.....well....if I lower her. I'm probably just gonna tint the windows and do a few engine and exhaust mods next. I dont wanna overdue her. Legends can be sporty but are still luxury vehicles. I've owned quite a few cars both new and old and this is by far my favorite. The stock type II engine is beastly. A cold air intake and new exhaust is gonna do wonders. Stay tuned for more mods. Grace and PEace and thanks for looking. Be surre to leave comments. @