I'm in the process of the break conversion from original drum breaks to large caliber disk breaks... Adding power to the breaks... And switching to a dual reservoir master cylinder for more protection than the original single break fluid reservoir. Lastly I need to buy spindles to accommodate the new break kit, (I won't even mention the new leaf springs)... I was able to save roughly 30% off of the full conversion msrp buy purchasing on eBay instead of the companies directly. Spent roughly $1,900 on parts... :(

Then found out I had to upgrade to larger rims to accommodate the new kit. Although I was planning to do this anyway.... I was not planning on doing this so soon.. Especially with body issues That are more important to deal with. I somewhat unhappily purchased American Racing Toqu Thrust 2 Rims 16x7 with Yokohama tires. As nice as they are I wanted the torqu thrust m as they looked similar but more of the streamlined look I am going for... But they could not do the offset needed without bumping up to a 17" rim.. As much as I love big rims I am lowering the fairlane 1-2inches and don't want to have to worry about rubbing issues or lift the car higher with a larger wheel. All and all the wheels & break system parts have have exceeded the price of the fairlane and I'm just getting started.. I will really need to look for better deals and smart choices going forward.