The start.. So it's been a rough couple of years car wise. As it is for just about anyone else.. But the background gives the thread/blog character I think so here goes. My adventure started about 3 or so years ago at a friends birthday party... While with some guy about how I needed a cheap car, this guy over heard and told me he had a bmw for sale, cheap. I humored him a bit and went to take a look at it.. Turned out to be an 1986 535i. It had a little rust and an idle issue. About $500 later and it was on the road. Then the s*** happened. Troubles with inspection forced me to buy another Bmw, this time it was an 535is borderline mint. Because of some guy sitting in the center of the road I ended up in a wreck. I rebuilt the front end and then out of nowhere wiring issues started. Long story short I was a dummy who liked to repeat mistakes at the time. 1 more Bmw later and I ended up with a civic coupe. I was so upset with the idea of not having a RWD car any longer so I put the idea of one completely in the back of my mind, and started on the mission of getting my civic as low as possible.. It didn't turn out too bad. But then of course nothing awesomely good lasts forever so eventually the s*** hit again. After I finally secured a decent job and save enough for a type R Swap. This time the s*** was a guard rail in a snow storm that decided my fate. I wanted to join the show circuit at the time so I made my civic an official daily and bought another civic coupe. In my head it was gonna be one of the cleanest civics in my city( Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if you didn't know) but eventually I came upon money troubles and I ended up selling everything. Took a pretty good loss but it was better than having rent rack up for a garage I barely ever seen. And honestly the car itself deserved better attention. I sold my honda's as package deal with all the parts I had( really good deal by the way... Enough parts to build both cars with maybe a couple hundred extra thrown in to finish it) and that's how I ended up here today, and I'm just pumped I own a RWD again. Got the title transfer done finally after a few minor set backs. Insurance, registration, and taking delivery on Friday. Stay tuned as there is more than likely tons to come. Thanks in advance for reading.